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Christmas Events Happening In The Vancouver WA Area

Christmas Ships Parade hristmas Ships Parade is full of various-sized boats, all lighted up with different Christmas themes. The routes around the Vancouver area differ depending on the dates, so check out their calendar to see when the ships will be coming closest to you along the waterfronts. Ships start running on the 2nd of…

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4th Of July Activities Happening In The Vancouver And Portland Area

Independence Day is right around the corner and everyone is getting ready for all the activities happening throughout the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington area. If you still need to make plans be sure to visit these local websites for what is happening near you.  Vancouver’s Fireworks Spectacular  This Monday Fort Vancouver National Historic Site…

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Tick Related Lyme Disease Is On The Rise In Clark County Washington

The most common disease transmitted to humans through another species is Lyme disease. With reports of deer ticks being confirmed it has people wondering if Lyme disease will become a problem for people living within Clark County. For years there have only been reports of less than two cases but last year there were already…

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Christmas Events For 2021 in Vancouver Washington And Portland Oregon

There is something about Christmastime that is magical and set apart from any other holiday. Outside of children running to the Christmas tree first thing in the morning and sharing a Christmas dinner with family and friends, Christmas is a time when many gather to enjoy different events over the holiday break and after the…

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Things To Do This Halloween In the Portland Vancouver Area

This year, 2021 is bringing back all the scares with a wide variety of events throughout the Portland metro area. Whether you’re looking to do something as a family, friends or as a date you will be sure to find something that settles your ghostly hunger. Here are just a few that we recommend this…

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month In Portland And Vancouver Metro Area

The celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15th and runs through the 15th of October. This is a time where Hispanic communities and their ancestors are recognized for their contributions and triumphs as well as the fundamental piece they play in American society. The national independence of many Latin American countries is also…

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Places To See Christmas Lights In Vancouver And Portland

If the year 2020 marks anything, it’s a year of constant change. The moment you think you can take a breath of fresh air, the year quickly reminds you that there’s more; often leaving you feeling like there’s no time to just be present in the moment. But that’s not how it has to be…

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