Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month In Portland And Vancouver Metro Area

September 16, 2021
Hispanic Heritage Month

The celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15th and runs through the 15th of October. This is a time where Hispanic communities and their ancestors are recognized for their contributions and triumphs as well as the fundamental piece they play in American society. The national independence of many Latin American countries is also recognized like Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Chile, Mexico, and Nicaragua to name a few. 

Current Events In Portland And Vancouver Metro Area Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

El Grito – This event is hosted at the Rose Quarter. It is a free family event kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month 

Crush Bar– Crush Bar is hosting an opening night for Hispanic Heritage Month as well as Loteria bingo! 

El Grito @ Shute Park – Hillsboro is having a festival to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month

Easy Activities To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

  1. Prepare A Dish Or Sweet Treat – Find a recipe online or reach out to a friend that is sure to have an amazing Hispanic dish that you can try at home. 
  2. Play Some Loteria Bingo – This colorful game of bingo will have everyone at the table having fun!
  3. Watch A Hispanic Film – Even if you don’t understand Spanish you can always watch a movie with subtitles. You may surprise yourself and fall in love with a new show
  4. Take A Dance Class – Mamba, Cha-Cha or Rumba will have even the most amateur dancer moving across the dance floor
  5. Shop Ethnic- Support a business that provides items directly from Mexican/Latin countries or is Hispanic/Latino owned 
  6. Listen To Hispanic Artists – podcasts, music albums, Youtube hosts, etc. There is so much to learn from others and everything is easily resourced
  7. Research – Pick up a book at the library or open up your browser and discover a world full of Hispanic culture that you have yet to learn abou

There is a rich history within Hispanic communities that have molded who they are and shaped the world as we understand it. America is more diverse today than it has ever been before so by celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month we have an opportunity to commemorate this diversity and recognize those who have played and are continuing to play a vital role within America.

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