Kitchen Table – A Special Tribute Song from Father/Son, 4 Daughters & Niece & Nephews

November 30, 2022
Kitchen Table - A Special Tribute Song from Father/Son, 4 Daughters & Niece & Nephews



Hello and Happy Holidays to all of you!

Growing up I used to sing old songs with my dad on road trips for hours in his old Ford pickup. I remember scrolling through the old radio channels to find the perfect song to sing to and to this day we still do it, even his grandchildren.

In light of the holiday spirit, we have a fun family idea that we wanted to share. My sister Sheli was the inspiration for this as she is the original writer. As a family, we do pest control for a living but what we really have a heart for is serving our community which is why we aim as a business to connect and serve those we do work for. We are not professional singers but we love to sing and there is not a time I can remember us not singing when we’ve gathered together as a family. What I have learned over the years of spending time with my family is that kitchen tables are not just a place to set decor but they serve as a place where laughter, tears, and togetherness can be shared.

Having this in mind, I wanted to be able to capture all the moments I’ve shared with our family by recording everyone singing together. I was really excited to sing with all the kids. My nephew Luke had raced to get his harmonica before we started and did an incredible job. None of us went into this time with much practice but after hearing it all come together I was amazed at the high notes that my niece Lynsi hit as well as my four daughters and nephew Layne and niece Layci that crushed it in singing.

We were able to record this in our home with our great friend Issac Tarter who coached and helped to write the piece as well as record it. My dad had shown up in his farm grubbies with my mom after coming off a job for our Pest Lock business which is the picturesque essence of who he is. Always helping me and coming to my rescue. Though he had just gone done with pest control work I asked if he would join in the song to which he obliged and of course nailed it in three tries without any practice. In the last part of the song, both he and I along with my niece Lynsi were able to sing a part together.

Music has an amazing ability to speak to the soul and where we gather together should be a place where memories are shared. Not just tables that look nice and collect dust. We hope that after you listen to a piece of our family you are inspired to make your own family traditions and are reminded how important family is and what a blessing it is to spend time with one another.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Eat to your heart’s content, sing until you can’t sing anymore, and always remember what is most important in this life.

Happy Holidays from all of us!

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