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Sharing a living space with vermin like spiders, cockroaches, or rats isn’t just unsanitary – it could be hazardous to your health. However, simply waiting for a pest problem to go away or attempting to tackle it yourself can often make things worse. That’s why PestLock provides quality residential pest control services for common household pests like carpenter ants, termites, bees, wasps, and other pests.

At PestLock, our technicians have more than 20 years of experience in providing extermination services in a number of communities in Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington. In that time, we’ve learned that protecting against pest infestations is a year-round job. Our pest professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to spot problem areas and treat them before they get worse, keeping your minor pest issues from turning into full-scale invasions.

If we find pests are present after a thorough pest inspection of your property, we’ll work closely with you to tailor a pest control plan that suits your needs.

Responsible Pest Control

What sets PestLock apart from other pest control companies is our commitment to providing effective, environmentally responsible pest control. We implement proper Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques that will keep pests out while ensuring that our customers are not exposed to harmful chemicals. This includes conducting a thorough pest inspection of your property and a targeted application of cutting-edge, reduced-toxicity pest control products.

Our experienced technicians also utilize reduced-toxicity solutions and pest-proofing materials such as mesh screens, door sweeps, and caulking in cracks and crevices. Our custom-built residential pest control strategies are an effective way to protect homes and neighborhoods from pests in the Pacific Northwest.

Identifying Common Household Pests

If you need help identifying a pest on your property, visit our online Pest Library for detailed descriptions of most common household pests, including their habits, how to spot an infestation, and what you can do to get rid of them.

Protect Your Home with Residential Pest Control from PestLock

Once you’ve found evidence that your property may have a pest problem, you shouldn’t wait a moment longer. Don’t let pests run rampant – call us today at (877) 380-2839 or fill out the form to the right to schedule a pest inspection. We also provide quality crawlspace restoration services for local homes and businesses.

Most Common Household Pests