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Spring Pest Control

Spring brings a lot to look forward to: warmer temperatures, sunnier skies, wildflowers, and more. Just as we regain our energy with the change of season, so do many pests. Don’t let unwanted house guests ruin it for you. PestLock offers pest control options to residents in Portland and beyond, and we’ll customize every solution to your home, your needs, and your pest problems. To learn more about what we have to offer, explore our extensive spring pest control services, and call today to schedule your free inspection!

The Importance of Seasonal Pest Control

No matter the time of year, pests can be a problem. Whether they are simply irritating or they present a danger of illness or property damage, you deserve to find peace of mind. PestLock is the Pacific Northwest’s Top Rated Local® pest control experts because we understand what challenges you face in every season, and we offer customized solutions to help you regain your peace of mind. From safe and effective integrated pest management (IPM) techniques to crawlspace restoration, we’ll help you make your home or business a clean, comfortable place again.

Common Spring Pests in Oregon and Washington


Many types of ants emerge in full force come spring, including common Oregon species like carpenter and odorous house ants. Spotting just one or two ants often indicates that there is a nest nearby, and nests can split to create new colonies elsewhere in your home, so it’s important that you tackle a possible ant infestation as soon as possible. They don’t often pose a threat to your health, but carpenter ants can damage and deform wood. Eliminating possible sources of food and water is your first line of defense, so make sure you store food properly and avoid sources of standing water, such as dirty dishes left to soak.


Mice and rats often become problems in the winter, when they burrow into your home seeking shelter from cold weather and limited resources, but for some species, a spring breeding season can make your problems multiply. Rodents can wreak all kinds of havoc within your home, from damaging walls and wires to spoiling food and exposing you to dangerous diseases. Prevention is the best solution, and you can guard your home against rats and mice by clearing away potential nesting materials, sealing holes in the walls of your home or business, and securely storing possible food sources like pet food.


No pest quite captures the imagination like cockroaches, and they are one of the most prevalent pests Oregon and Washington residents have to face in the spring. They are notoriously hard to exterminate, which is why you should turn to professionals like the team at PestLock. There are steps you can take to make your home as uninviting as possible, including sealing up any plumbing leaks you find to cut off possible water sources and cleaning areas of your home where you eat or store food to limit crumbs and debris.

Stinging Insects

Springtime brings new flowers and other plants, which often attracts a variety of stinging insects. From mosquitos to yellowjackets and paper wasps, PestLock can help you rid your yard or building of pests that may ruin your enjoyment of the new season. If you want to take some preventative measures before you face the potential discomfort of a sting or itchy bug bite, trim back shrubs and hedges in your yard to prevent nesting opportunities, drain any standing water you find, and turn off any outdoor lights you don’t need.

Need Spring Pest Control in Portland?

Turn to PestLock and let us take care of everything! From rodents to insects, we have the expertise and the extermination techniques to help you make the most of your spring. Call the PNW’s Top Rated Local® pest control team today to schedule your free inspection!