About Our Local Pest Solutions

After more than 20 years in local pest control, we wanted to start a new chapter in pest control by targeting your local needs. With a clear understanding of the economic and ecological implications of pest control, PestLock provides effective and environmentally-friendly services.

Making a Local Mark

By only serving communities in the Pacific Northwest, we are able to focus on our customers’ distinct pest pressures. The landscape and climate of the Pacific Northwest is unlike anywhere else, and the decision to stay local makes it easier for us to target this unique environment. As a local company, all of our resources go back into the community: from providing local jobs to investing in localized pest solutions. But above all else, we can put your family and comfort first.

Proactive About Pests

When it comes to pests, you need a service you can depend on. Because pests can impact your family’s health and safety, we take a proactive approach in getting rid of – and preventing for the future – any pest issues you may face. When it comes to pest control, you shouldn’t have to worry about the job being done right. PestLock technicians are experienced and thorough, so you can count on us to protect your home and business from harmful pests. Our quick response and effective services will give you peace of mind from troubling pests.

Technicians You Can Trust

We’re more than just good at what we do: Our technicians truly care about you, your family, and your business. As tenured local pest control experts, we know how to best treat your pest pressures – large or small. But you need more than our experience; you also need our dependability and customer service, because knowing how to eliminate pests is only half the battle.

Show pests the door, and keep them out with PestLock. Learn more about our residential and commercial services today!

Protecting the Health of Your Home

At PestLock we use a sustainable, systematic and responsible approach to pest control. We have the experience that you can trust because:

  • We hire highly educated technicians
  • We provide non-chemical solutions whenever possible
  • We perform routine inspections
  • We use reduced toxicity products

Our commitment to an environmentally responsible approach allows us to keep the most important things first which we believe are our customers, colleagues and community.

A PestLock, we care about our client’s children and pets, the overall health of their home environment and the health of our technicians. We also believe in being great stewards in the communities which we operate in.


To be the leader in community involvement, colleague personal growth and healthier pest control solutions for our customers. By serving our community, colleagues and customers we aim to be the largest pest control provider in the Pacific Northwest.


To do the right thing for our community, colleagues and customers by practicing environmentally responsible pest control and providing the highest-quality service.