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Who Is Responsible For Pest Control In A Rental Home

As a renter, it’s important to know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to pest control in your rental home. In Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon, there are specific rules that determine who is responsible for pest control. Understanding the rules around rental homes will help both the tenant and the landlord ensure their…

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Where Do Rats Go In The PNW Winter

Where Do Rats Go In The PNW Winter

This winter in the PNW is predicted to be a cold one from the start and that means that pests like rats will be looking for places to keep warm. However, rats do not hibernate during the winter, so where they find shelter will also be a place that is close to a food source…

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Tick Related Lyme Disease Is On The Rise In Clark County Washington

The most common disease transmitted to humans through another species is Lyme disease. With reports of deer ticks being confirmed it has people wondering if Lyme disease will become a problem for people living within Clark County. For years there have only been reports of less than two cases but last year there were already…

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Those Hidden Eggs Could Lead To A Rodent Problem

Year after year easter eggs are tossed into grasses and many other spaces where they can go unseen in hopes that children will find them. Backyards, parks, culdesacs, and even inside homes get littered with easter eggs as kids await the cue that they can come out in search of candy-filled eggs. The excitement is…

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