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Where Do Rats Go In The PNW Winter

Where Do Rats Go In The PNW Winter

By gabee | November 15, 2022

This winter in the PNW is predicted to be a cold one from the start and that means that pests like rats will be looking for places to keep warm. However, rats do not hibernate during the winter, so where they find shelter will also be a place that is close to a food source…

Pest Control Tips When Selling Your Home

Pest Control Tips When Selling Your Home

By gabee | October 27, 2022

When it comes to selling a home there is a lot of front-end work that needs to be accomplished so that your home grabs the attention of a buyer. One of these things is making sure that your home is pest free before you place it on the market. Here are some pest control tips…

cat flea scratching

How To Know If You Have A Flea Problem And How To Deal With It

By gabee | October 19, 2022

If you have pets whether they are indoor, outdoor, or both it is likely you have come across fleas. These pests are extremely hard to get rid of but it can be done if you take the time to deal with them.  Signs You Have Fleas If you’ve recently brought a new pet home or…

best places to camp in southern washington

Best Places To Camp In Southern Washington & Bugs to Avoid

By gabee | October 5, 2022

Whether you’re from southern Washington or just visiting there are many beautiful places to go camping that offer a picturesque landscape along with sought-after amenities. So much so that it’s hard to decide which campground you choose! Wherever you land, it’s always a good idea to keep camping tips in mind to give you the…

most common fall pests

5 Most Common Fall Pests In Vancouver Washington

By gabee | September 22, 2022

The fall season is not without its share of pests. On the contrary, fall is a busy time for certain pests as they sense the winter season approaching. If you notice an increase in pest activity around your home or business it could be any of these most common fall pests in Vancouver Washington. Ants…

Complete Guide To Identifying A Bug Bite In The NW

By gabee | August 10, 2022

Bug bites can be annoying, worrisome, and sometimes painful. No one likes to get bit by bugs but it does happen from time to time. However, sometimes they can be challenging to identify as they leave similar bite marks. Identifying a bug bit not only helps you identify the bug that bit you but also…