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The Carpet Beetle Problem In Vancouver Washington

By gabee | May 5, 2022

These little pests have many homeowners baffled as to what they are and why they keep seeing them in their homes in Vancouver Washington. Whether they find them in their infant stage or as adults, these pests seem to show up out of nowhere in interesting spaces all over peoples homes.  How Do I Know…

Those Hidden Eggs Could Lead To A Rodent Problem

By gabee | May 5, 2022

Year after year easter eggs are tossed into grasses and many other spaces where they can go unseen in hopes that children will find them. Backyards, parks, culdesacs, and even inside homes get littered with easter eggs as kids await the cue that they can come out in search of candy-filled eggs. The excitement is…

When Does Wasp Season Start In Vancouver Washington

By gabee | April 14, 2022

Spring has arrived and though the temperatures may still be debating between colder and warmer temps, nature is still going about its routines and that includes the life cycles of pests such as wasps. Some may have already started to see these pests buzzing about their yards but by the time warmer weather decides to…

What You Need To Know About Ants And Apartments

What You Need To Know About Ants And Apartments

By gabee | March 31, 2022

There are over 13,000 classified species of ants that inhabit almost every part of land mass on the earth. As much as these pests may be seen as a nuisance, they are extremely beneficial for our ecosystem. Ants play an important role by spreading the seeds of native plants, removing waste from our environment, and…

Are Termites A Problem In Portland, Oregon

By gabee | March 4, 2022

It’s no surprise that home and business owners in Portland, Oregon deal with their fair share of termites. A termite’s primary source of food is cellulose which is found in numerous organic materials like trees which we then use to build our homes and office buildings. Because of this, termites cause over 5 billion dollars…

What Causes You To Get Carpet Beetles And How To Get Rid Of Them

By gabee | February 18, 2022

Have you ever noticed tiny little beetles crawling around your floors or around your window sills? Or maybe you’ve noticed a different type of insect that looks more like furry larvae of some type. If you’ve noticed either of these then what you are seeing is actually called a carpet beetle. A carpet beetle undergoes…