Common Pest Allergies That Many People Are Not Aware Of

December 10, 2021
dust mites and allergies

When we think about allergies we often think about the weather. Springtime is one of the biggest allergy seasons for those that suffer from weather-related allergies but did you know that pests can actually be a cause of allergic reactions as well? Since pests in the home can go unnoticed it’s easy for this fact to be dismissed but it may just be the underlying reason for your allergy symptoms. 


Cockroaches are a common pest that can cause allergic reactions and even trigger asthma is some people because of a protein they contain throughout their body parts, saliva and waste. Even dead cockroaches can lead to allergic reactions. Some common symptoms people experience when having an allergic reaction are sneezing, runny and stuffy nose, cough, itchy skin or rash, itchy nose, mouth or throat, or red, watery and itchy eyes. Those with asthma may experience difficulty breathing, tightness or pain in the chest, trouble with sleeping, or a whistling, wheezing sound when breathing. 


Rodents are known to be disease carriers but they are also linked to allergy and asthma symptoms amongst people who are routinely exposed to them. Laboratory workers who handle rodents have been linked to increased asthma symptoms and similarily. inner-city residents have been linked to allergic reactions and increased asthma symptoms. A study on asthma among inner-city children found that almost 20% of asthmatic children had been sensitized to rats and 15% to mice. 


Pets like cats and dogs are the most common hosts for fleas. Fleas feed off of animal or mammal blood meaning that humans can become hosts as well. Often fleas go unnoticed until there is an infestation. When enough fleas are present you can almost guarantee to get bit by them which usually occurs on the lower extremities. Fleas secrete saliva when they bite which leads to red, itchy bumps around the bite site. Some people are more allergic to fleas saliva than others causing a more severe reaction. 

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are more of a mental nuisance than anything but they do bite and feed off of humans allowing for possible allergic reactions. Typically, allergic reactions occur when a person has been bitten multiple times which may require medical attention. Preventing bed bug allergies will entail having a professional pest control company come out and eradicate the bed bugs completely. 

Dust Mites

Dust mites are the most common trigger for asthma and allergy-related reactions year-round. The body parts of dust mites along with their waste contain allergens that some people are allergic to. Often these pests die in extreme temperatures or where there is very little humidity but when they do they still leave their bodies behind which people can react to. It’s not entirely possible to get completely rid of dust mites but they can certainly be reduced. Reducing humidity, washing pillows in hot water and drying them on high heat routinely, using mattress protectors that completely encase the mattress, and using a UV light vacuum can all help to reduce dust mites and their wastes. 

All of these are common pests that people can encounter throughout their lifetime and could potentially have allergic reactions to. If you have pets, travel often, or simply have not had a pest control professional come out to inspect your home it’s quite possible that any allergy symptoms you are experiencing are related to these common pests that many people are not aware of. 

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