Your Spring Pest Control Checklist

March 1, 2019

The temperatures are rising again, and the world outside is coming back to life! Unfortunately, that means that a lot of your least favorite Pacific Northwest pests are also becoming more active. A few preventative steps can help make your spring more enjoyable, so in today’s blog, the PestLock team is sharing a few recommendations of what you can do to prevent problems this season. For more advice, or to schedule a treatment, contact us today!


PEST THREAT: yellow jackets, termites, and much more.

Your first step in the spring is to check your home, inside and out, for any damage it may have incurred during the winter months. This can include rotted roof shingles, ripped screens, old weather stripping, and more. Any repairs you can make sooner rather than later can help you avoid a pest infestation through these new entry points.

You should also groom your landscaping with pest control in mind. Drain any standing water that may have collected in buckets or natural hollows, and trim down the shrubbery and vegetation in your hard to keep it away from the house. If you keep trash or composting bins outside, make sure they have corresponding lids that fit tightly to keep the contents from becoming food for any unwelcome guests.


PEST THREAT: rodents, yellow jackets, and spiders.

When cleaning your garage in the spring, first look for any nests that may have been built when you weren’t looking. Rodents and yellow jackets are both inclined to take advantage of tucked away corners, and if you find any nests, make sure you leave the task of clearing them away to the professionals.

If you’re looking for ways to take action, go through any storage you have in the garage. You want to eliminate clutter, which can create hiding places for animals and insects, and sorting through whatever boxes or bins you have may also give you an opportunity to check the perimeter of the garage for any cracks or holes to be sealed. If you do continue to store items in your garage, try to keep them in plastic bins with tight lids rather than cardboard, and keep them off the ground if possible.


PEST THREAT: ants, cockroaches, and pantry pests.

Your kitchen is potential ground zero for a number of pest infestations because it can be an easily accessible source of food and water for pests. Your goal, during your spring cleaning sweep, should be to minimize those sources. Check your pipes for leaks and repair them quickly. Take care of dirty dishes as soon as possible, and make sure you don’t leave any standing water in the sink. You should also address spills and crumbs as they happen.

If you get inspired, you can go even further with your spring cleaning and address some of the cracks and crevices throughout the room. Move your appliances away from the wall and vacuum the space behind them. You may be surprised at how much slips into the cracks while you’re cooking!

Crawl Space

PEST THREAT: rodents, ants, termites, and more.

Pests often find homes in your crawl space during the fall and winter, looking to escape the cold, damp weather. It’s warm, dark, and often collects moisture. This means that you may be facing a few new tenants when you check your crawl space in the spring. Clearing them out and cleaning the space is, to put it lightly, a challenge, but PestLock is here to help.

Choose our crawl space restoration services and let us take care of the mess for you. We’ll start with a free inspection to determine what pests you’re facing, and we’ll even take pictures so you can stay informed throughout the process. Then, we’ll clean out the space, seal up entry points, and take steps to protect your crawl space and make it less inviting, such as installing or replacing the vapor barrier.

Add Pest Prevention to Your Spring Cleaning List!

Add these tasks to your to-do list can help you and your family have a happier, healthier, pest-free spring. The key is to always eliminate the elements any pest is looking for: food, water, and shelter. If you do find evidence of unwanted guests in your home, contact PestLock for a fast and effective solution. We’ll tailor our pest control services to your specific situation to ensure you experience the best possible results. Explore our site to learn more about how we can help, and contact us today to start the process!

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