What Pests Could Be Lurking In Your Warehouse

July 20, 2021
warehouse pests

Warehouses can be a haven for a variety of pests. With easy access into these spaces and lots of places to hide there are a number of critters that could enter and find refuge. Especially those that store food products. So what pests could be lurking in your warehouse?


One of the most common pests found in warehouses are rodents. Aka, rats and mice. Particularly in the colder months, these pests will seek warmth for the winter making large warehouses the perfect spot to escape and hide out until spring. Since rodents can squeeze through small spaces it’s very easy for them to get around and go unnoticed. Unfortunately, this also means that a few rodents can quickly turn into a huge issue as these pests are known to populate very quickly within short periods of time. If a particular facility stores food then rodents do not even have to leave in search of a food source making it that much easier to make these spaces their home.

Making sure that workers in the building are aware of signs can help prevent widespread infestations from occurring. Rodents always leave behind a urine and pellet trail making them easy to identify if you’re paying attention. If anyone happens to notice these you will want to make sure that a rodent control specialist comes out to see what kind of problem you have on your hands as rodents can not only cause damage but contaminate what is being stored in the warehouse risking huge financial losses.


Cockroaches can be tricky. People often do not pay them too much attention until it’s too late because they are so commonly accepted in spaces like warehouses. The problem is when cockroach infestations become almost unmanageable or when the pests themselves get shipped off with the product causing an array of complicated problems. Staying on top of these pests is always worth the time and effort as they are actually quite filthy and known to spread viruses from the droppings they leave behind.


Birds may seem harmless but they can cause bigger problems than some may think. Many warehouses are built with large support beams making these areas perfect for nesting or roosting. Bird droppings alone create a mess on both the inside and the outside of a facility. Droppings on the inside can cause an issue because of the possibility of contaminating product inside or even becoming hazardous because of the risk of slipping. They can also be a distraction to workers if they begin to fly around while they are operating heavy machinery. Removing birds from the inside of a warehouse will limit safety hazards and can be done safely through catch and release methods.


Let’s face it. Insects like beetles can be seen almost anywhere. However, there are particular types of beetles that like to make homes in places like warehouses. These beetles are the same types that can be found in your pantry. Also, known as pantry beetles. They include cigarette beetles, Indian meal moths and flour beetles. After their nickname pantry beetles, these insects are attracted to a variety of grain products which are often transported in and out of warehouses. Once they find their way into the actual food product they lay eggs contaminating the food source. Oftentimes this goes unnoticed and products are still placed on the grocery shelves surprising the consumer who purchases them. Making sure that food product is properly sealed and stored will aid in preventing these pests from becoming a problem.


Everyone knows how much flies can be a nuisance especially when they are inside but when they really become a problem it can be too much! Flies like to breed in dark, moist spaces like drains. They carry disease and are a huge concern for food processing, packaging and distribution warehouses. Though it can be expected to have some flies within these large spaces, an infestation of flies is certainly not something anyone wants to deal with. Keeping areas where garbage is stored sealed and away from entrances can help keep flies at bay and from becoming an issue. Making sure that drains are regularly cleaned is also a preventative measure that can keep flies under control.

While there are many pests that warehouses can experience, some hold greater concern than others. However, no matter which pests may be dwelling within these spaces a professional pest control specialist can help if infestation or a threat of infestation arises.

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