What Is The Process of Virucide Misting

April 13, 2020
What Is The Process of Virucide Misting

Virucide, also spelled viricide, is any chemical or physical agent that destroys or deactivates a virus. Virucide misting therefore, is the process of destroying or deactivating a virus with a chemical or physical agent through a misting process that is designed with this purpose in mind. Here we will discuss the difference between clean and disinfected as well as general recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 then follow up with the process of virucide misting.

What’s The Difference Between Clean and Disinfected

Most people are under the impression that if they clean they are also disinfecting but this could not be further from the truth. Cleaning does not actually kill germs, it simply removes a portion of them, lowering the number of germs and impurities that can spread infection. Disinfecting however, kills the germs and impurities on surfaces when the right disinfectants are used and time is allowed for the disinfectant to sit on the surface long enough to kill whatever bacteria or viruses are present. Furthermore, disinfecting does not remove the germs like cleaning does but because it kills them, the survival of bacteria or viruses within the environment is limited. With this knowledge we can see that cleaning along with disinfecting is the best method of choice when it comes to preventing bacteria or viruses from spreading.

General Recommendations For Cleaning And Disinfecting To Prevent The Spread Of Covid-19

When it comes to Covid-19, everyone should educate themselves on the virus, how it spreads and what they can do to prevent the spread of the virus. A general rule of thumb is cleaning and disinfecting all regularly touched surfaces daily. Things like doorknobs, light switches, phones, remotes, toilets and electronic devices are all commonly used items that should be cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis, especially if Covid-19 has been determined with an individual in a household or business. It is also recommended that if someone has Covid-19 they be as isolated as possible to avoid the virus from spreading. Even the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting should be at a minimum within their personal space to avoid any contact with the virus.Giving the individual with Covid-19 their own cleaning and disinfecting supplies can help prevent transfer. If isolation to a bedroom and personal bathroom space is not possible, regularly touched surfaces should be cleaned well after anyone who is ill has come into contact with those surfaces. This can present a challenge within a larger household that needs to use common areas like bathrooms so waiting to clean and disinfect as long as possible is the best approach.

The Process Of Virucide Misting

The process of virucide misting entails all residents to leave their establishment for a period of a half hour to two hours maximum. This allows trained technicians to go through the location and perform a misting process that covers the entire inside of the home or office with a category 4 EPA approved product that will need to sit on the surfaces of the home for at least ten minutes but is recommended for half an hour. This ensures that the product has time to kill any virus present, including Covid, leaving the entire inside of the home or office completely disinfected. Residents can then re-enter the establishment with complete confidence that they can rest in a virus free setting. This process can be repeated as necessary depending on the probability of the virus being reintroduced. All homes and offices should take precautionary measures regardless when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting their spaces to limit any virus from potentially spreading. The process of virucide misting is an additional step one can take to ensure one’s home or office is virus free, providing peace of mind for all occupants.

We are looking to gain any peace of mind we can find in today’s world. With change happening so quickly before us, peace seems to be farther from our reality than we would like to admit and safety is our number one priority when it comes to ensuring our health and our peace. Thankfully, there are things we can invest in that can bring us that peace of mind and safety for our health that we are looking for. Virucide misting is one of those very things. It uses EPA approved products that are proven to kill and destroy the Covid virus. Contact your local professional technician and ask about Virucide Misting.

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