Top Five Pests To Invade Your Office Space

July 29, 2021
pests in your office space

Pest of any sort can be highly unappealing to visitors making it important to keep them from invading your office space. Aside from clients coming into your office, you too can be affected by pesky pests crawling in and around your working space.

Ants in the Office

You guessed it! Ants are one of the most common pests that you will find in an office space. They can make their way in through any crack or crevice and never come alone. If an ant colony exists within the perimeter of your office building it’s highly likely that you will see them in your building, especially during their foraging seasons. As intricate as these pests can be they can also become a nuisance very fast. Because they travel in large numbers and can quickly take over a space they are always perceived as unwanted guests. Fortunately, your pest control professional is skilled in the area of keeping these pests at bay. Routine sprays for ants are recommended as colonies can grow to insurmountable numbers making them even trickier to eliminate.

Cockroaches Hiding in Your Office

Now here is a pest that no one wants to have cross their path let alone their office space. Cockroaches are known to carry disease and often go unseen as they are nocturnal in nature. However, this does not mean that you will not see them during the day. Cockroaches like to hide out of sight so they prefer small spaces like cracks, crevices, outlets and even behind shelving units or large office machinery like copy machines and refrigerators. Though these objects are in use during the day they are likely to go unmoved allowing these pests to go unnoticed. That is until someone happens to discover their hiding place. If you happen to see one scurrying around your office space you will want to determine whether you have an infestation as cockroaches can reproduce rapidly. Your local pest control professional will be able to help.

The Annoying Office Fly

These pests are almost so common that people are used to having them around. However, they can also be highly annoying if they happen to be flying in your personal space. One or two flies are typically not an issue but when you begin to notice that they are constantly present and never seem to go away this is when they raise a red flag and need to be looked into further. Drains and sinks and any place that offers moisture as well as a dark place to hide are common breeding grounds for these pests. If flies are laying eggs in your office building they can quickly multiply and become a problem. Making sure that windows are sealed and screened as well as keeping doors closed will help keep these pests from entering but if an infestation does occur places like bathrooms and kitchens will need to be assessed.

The Common Office Spider

Another common pests that is often ignored is the spider but that is not to say that they are always welcome. The nature of spiders is to keep to themselves but because almost all of them create webs they can become unappealing to the eye. Most professionals do not want unsightly pests within their office space where clients stop by and the last thing anyone wants is a spider egg sac to open releasing thousands of baby spiders everywhere. Just like ants, these pests can easily get inside but routine visits by your local pest control specialist can easily eradicate any issues.

Beetles, Not Your Typical Office Pest

Beetles may not seem like the typical office space pest but because commercial buildings often receive shipments there is always a possibility that beetles come in with them. Inspecting packaging can be helpful in keeping these lurking pests out of your space. Sealing cracks and crevices and even installing door sweeps can also keep beetles at bay that may be passing by.

An office that people enjoy working in and visiting is one that appeals to the eye. The last thing anyone wants to see are creepy pests walking around the office space. The best way to maintain a clean and presentable space is to have your pest control professionals come in to regularly maintain your office space.

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