The Carpet Beetle Problem In Vancouver Washington

May 5, 2022
The Carpet Beetle Problem In Vancouver Washington

These little pests have many homeowners baffled as to what they are and why they keep seeing them in their homes in Vancouver Washington. Whether they find them in their infant stage or as adults, these pests seem to show up out of nowhere in interesting spaces all over peoples homes. 

How Do I Know If I Have Carpet Beetles

The most common types of carpet beetles in Vancouver Washington are the black carpet beetle, the varied carpet beetle, the furniture beetle and the common carpet beetle. Most of these species are small and round with various patterns that range in colorings of white, yellow, brown, orange and black with a gray or yellow underbody. 

If you notice carpet beetles around your home you will either notice them in their adult stage as indicated above or you will notice them in their infant stage which looks very different. Carpet beetle larvae or ‘infant beetles’ resemble a very tiny fuzzy caterpillar because they are long with what appears to be hairs protruding from their body. You may also be able to see light and dark brown stripes across their shape and even bristle like hairs that extend outward at their rear. 

The most common places for you to discover these pests are in dark spaces of your home or by windows. Carpet beetles in the infant stage prefer to live in dark areas that are undisturbed. They also prefer to breed in darker areas. During the adult stage, they prefer light and can often be found close to windows or anywhere where natural light exists. Dark areas can include attics, underneath furniture, closets, duct work or storage spaces. 

Understanding Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles can lay anywhere from thirty to a hundred eggs without needing to feed while they reproduce. Females will often lay eggs in darker areas of the home like behind baseboards, floor cracks, untouched storage spaces or other protected areas. It takes up to a few weeks for eggs to hatch at which time the larvae will begin to shed their skin up to twelve times between a nine and thirty-six month period. Though they do go through a pupa stage it is short lived as it only lasts six to twenty four days and then on to the adult stage. Adult carpet beetles like to feed on plants while infant beetles prefer lint, pet hair and other animal or plant fibers. Sometimes they can be found within pantry products like cereal and seed items. Once larvae hatch they become very active. Because they are so small they can go undetected until an infestation arises. 

Tips In Dealing With Carpet Beetles

Since carpet beetles are attracted to animal and plant fibers your best bet in dealing with an infestation or prevention of carpet beetles in your home is to launder fabrics regularly especially before storing them away. If you do plan to store them it’s helpful that they are stored in airtight containers as carpet beetles can squeeze into very small openings. Packing items with mothballs or other natural deterrents can be helpful as well. 

Since carpet beetles are known to live around baseboards its likely that they will roam through carpet spaces. Vacuuming on a regular basis, especially along the edges near the baseboards will aid in removing beetles and eggs from your home. 

If you are having problems with carpet beetles constantly around your living spaces you will want to contact your local pest control company to assess your situation and help you determine a solution. 

Photo credit @ Brian Tomlinson

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