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October 8, 2019
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Silverfish are a small pest that can truly make the skin crawl. These critters are not harmful, but they can be very annoying (and gross)! Silverfish are persistent critters, and can be difficult to remove from your home.

We’ve compiled some tips for keeping silverfish out of your house, and off of your property. If you’re still having troubles, PestLock can help! Our Vancouver, WA team is experienced, and we use safe and effective methods to remove pests from homes and businesses. Give us a call today to set up a free property inspection!

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Try Homemade Traps

There are two easy homemade traps that can be effective to reduce the silverfish population in your home. The first trap is the glass mason jar trap. This simple trap requires a glass mason jar, masking tape, and either a small piece of bread or a pinch of flour. To begin, completely wrap the outside of the jar in masking tape. Place the bread or flour in the bottom of the jar, and leave the traps around your home at night to lure in the silverfish. The bugs will climb into the jar in pursuit of the food, but they will be unable to climb the slippery glass to escape the trap!

The second trap is the newspaper trap. For this one, all you need is an old newspaper and two rubber bands. Roll up the newspaper tightly, and secure both ends with the rubber bands. Moisten the newspaper roll, and place as many traps as you’d like around your home. Once again, night time is ideal since silverfish are nocturnal. The newspaper provides the silverfish with food, and the moisture gives them a comfortable environment. In the morning, dispose of the newspapers without unrolling them. You may wish to burn the papers to make sure the little nuisances are destroyed rather than transplanted.

Use Insecticides and Repellents

If homemade traps aren’t proving effective, you can purchase insecticides to help rid your home of silverfish. You can use diatomaceous earth to sprinkle near the homes of silverfish. This powdery substance kills most crawling insects. Be sure to wear a mask when sprinkling the powder because it can irritate your lungs. However, it is not harmful to the health of humans or animals. Simply vacuum up the powder and any dead insects in the morning.

For homemade or store bought solutions, repeat your efforts as many times as you’d like to help reduce the number of silverfish on your property.

Call a Professional

If your infestation persists or you simply would rather not deal with bugs, you can give PestLock a call! Our experienced teams in Vancouver, WA and the Pacific Northwest will work with you to destroy the silverfish on your property, and keep them from returning. We offer commercial and residential pest control services that are safe for your home or business. We have free home inspections, and will work with you to keep silverfish, ants, rodents, spiders, termites, and more out of your property. Contact us today to learn more!

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