Dealing with Late-Summer Pests?

July 20, 2018

It might seem like summer just got started, but fall will be here before you know it. As the season draws to a close in July and August, there are many late-summer pests that are known for causing problems around the Vancouver region. While some of them are harmless, others can cause major health issues. Professional pest control services can help keep you and your family safe, and if you have discovered any of the pests reviewed in today’s post, you should contact the experienced PestLock today.

Common Late Summer Pests in the Pacific Northwest


When you think of ants, you probably think about the common house ants. These black ants are prevalent throughout the Pacific Northwest, and they are active foragers. They rarely nest inside of homes, but they have been known to come in through cracks and crevices in search of food. House ants are ⅛ inch long and brown or black in color.

Moisture ants, on the other hand, are considered wood-destroying insects because they build their nests in moist, rotting wood. These ants swarm in late summer and early autumn, and you may find them in your crawlspace, near windows, under slabs, and other damp places, like your bathroom. They are ⅛ to ¼ inch long and are dark brown to dark reddish-brown in color.


Subterranean termites have been known to cause extensive damage to structures in the Vancouver area, and not just in the spring when they do the majority of their swarming. They remain active well into the fall, catching many homeowners off guard. These innovative pests use mud tubes and often live in colonies beneath the soil because this helps them avoid temperature extremes. They are wood-destroying organisms, and in addition to your home, they may also attack fence posts, utility poles, and other wood items. This species of termite is about ¼ inch long, has a black body, and black, transparent wings. If you see a bug that matches this description, contact a local pest control company, like PestLock, right away for a termite inspection.

Stinging Pests

Summertime is almost synonymous with insect stings, especially from pests like yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps. We tend to see a lot of these pests during the summer, as they mate during the summer. However, they will continue building their nest well into the fall, especially if temperatures remain warm. Some stinging insects eat other insects, like grubs and caterpillars, while others feed on sweets, like fallen fruit and nectar. When food sources become scarce in late summer and early fall, these pests can become more aggressive. This can spell disaster for someone who is allergic to their stings, but professional pest control services can help protect your family from these troublesome insects.


Summertime is a popular time for mosquitoes to swarm and breed in the Vancouver area, but these pests don’t stop bothering homeowners until well after the weather has cooled for the fall. Mosquitoes are not social like some other pests, so they do not nest. They thrive in damp areas, and they require a blood meal in order to produce and lay their eggs. A female mosquito will lay hundreds of eggs during her lifetime. The eggs are usually deposited on the surface of stagnant water, like the kind that sits in bird baths, in the planter saucers on your patio, and even on small puddles that accumulate on broad leaves. Mosquito control services can help kill off biters during summer months, and this can help protect your family from health concerns like West Nile virus and Zika virus.

Bed Bugs

If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a bed bug infestation, then you know just how frustrating it can be to have these tiny pests invade your home. People often mistakenly believe that bed bugs only live in dirty, unsanitary conditions. While these conditions make it easier for bed bugs to lay their eggs and go unnoticed, they are not the only conditions in which this pesky bug thrives. In fact, anyone can bring bed bugs home with them from infested homes, hotels, movie theaters, and even vehicles, like cabs and buses. Because many families travel during their summer vacation, it is quite common to discover bed bug infestations during late summer and early fall.

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