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What Causes A Bed Bug Infestation

Have you been waking up with red bumps on your skin? Do you suspect that you may have a bed bug infestation? Even though you may not see anything crawling around, you can still have bed bugs hiding in the darker crevices of your bedding. Here we will talk about what bed bugs are, what…

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What Pantry Pests Eat And How To Get Rid Of Them

There is certainly quite a list of pests to be made concerning those that can intrude one’s home but pests that are more specific to your pantry are a bit different than the general pest problems homeowners deal with. Pests that are commonly known to invade your food spaces typically include moths, weevils and beetles.…

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Carpenter ant Infestation in Home

Today we got another call for a carpenter ant infestation. Interestingly enough, there was frass falling from the ceiling in one of the rooms and we were able to study this out and kind of track the carpenter ants. Got all the way over the other side of the house, found where they’re coming from…

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Pacific Northwest Pests Your Pet Should Avoid

Unfortunately, pets will not think on their own to steer clear of pests until it’s possibly too late. Especially if your pet is left outdoors, they are susceptible to coming into contact with any variety of pests where the outdoors is their everyday habitat. Spraying around your home to minimize certain pests will help your…

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Signs Of Pacific Northwest Termites

Termites can be confused with carpenter ants as they have many common similarities but with proper knowledge one can tell the difference between the two. Both are extremely structural in their aptitude to decompose wood and other cellulose materials but termites actually eat away at the cellulose material unlike carpenter ants who simply excavate it.…

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Carpenter Ants In The Northwest

When Should You Worry About Carpenter Ants In The Northwest

Carpenter ants are considered overly large ants that are indigenous to various parts of the world where there are forested areas like the Northwest. They typically build their nests inside the trees where the wood is dead or rotting; gnawing pathways throughout the trunk using their mandibles. Some may think of them as similar to…

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pestlock ceo supporting miracle miles

Miracle Miles – Bringing Hope To The Pacific Northwest

Miracle Miles is a campaign put together by Live Love Northwest with a mission to bring over $2 million dollars worth of clothes, shoes and coats to help those in need within the Pacific Northwest. Starting from the east coast, several trucks will road trip their way to Portland, Oregon dropping off all proceeds sometime…

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Wasp Season Is Coming In The Pacific Northwest

It’s that time of year again. The sun is coming back out and so are the pests!. Living here in the Pacific Northwest we happen to love this time of year as the blue skies and sunshine lead us outside to enjoy the beauty of what the Pacific Northwest offers but along with enjoying the…

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How To Recognize And Identify The Murder Hornet In Washington State

How To Recognize And Identify The Murder Hornet In Washington State

Murder hornets are currently a new concern for the Pacific Northwest and rightly so, as they pose risk to both agriculture and humans. Last December these insects were spotted in Blain, Washington after being previously seen nearby on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Since then, experts have been working diligently to learn more about these…

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