Best Places To Camp In Southern Washington & Bugs to Avoid

October 5, 2022
best places to camp in southern washington

Whether you’re from southern Washington or just visiting there are many beautiful places to go camping that offer a picturesque landscape along with sought-after amenities. So much so that it’s hard to decide which campground you choose! Wherever you land, it’s always a good idea to keep camping tips in mind to give you the best camping experience. 

Camping And Bugs to Avoid

If you’ve been camping before you know what to expect when it comes to insects but every area is populated with different types of bugs that you may run into. For some, running into the everyday insect while camping is not a big deal. That is until they invade your campground and belongings. Understanding a little bit about each potential intruder will help to avoid any possible tangible bug encounter. 

Black Widow Spider– Black widows like to hide within wood piles, around swimming pools, and bbq grills. Their webs are low lying and they tend to not bite unless they are disturbed. Though black widow spider bites can be painful and last up to a few weeks they are usually not dangerous. Children and the elderly are more susceptible to severe symptoms due to a black widow bite. Checking your wood pile at your campsite with gloves and surveying poolside areas as well as grill spaces will help to prevent coming into contact with these spiders. 

Mosquitos– Now here is an insect that is hard to steer clear of. Mosquitos love to be anywhere there is water and most campgrounds have pools or large bodies of water surrounding the campground. This means that the best way to prevent these insects from biting you is wearing an insect deterrent as well as using netting around shared spaces that are actively used at your campsite. Keep tents zipped up and you can even bring a portable battery-operated bug zapper to ensure a pleasant trip. 

Ticks– Ticks live in shady moist areas at ground level all over southern Washington. This means they can easily hide in grasses and shrubs making them hard to see. It also means that they can easily get on you as many campgrounds have grassy community areas or tall grasses and shrubs around the campsites. The best way to avoid ticks is to give yourself a body check every day while camping. Wearing clothing that provides ample coverage from the knees down will also help. 

Ants– Ants are an insect that you will definitely see during your camping trip. Most of the time they go about their business but every so often they make your food items their business and that can be frustrating. Putting food away after each meal and using sealed containers or bags will help deter these insects from joining you for a picnic. Washing plates and utensils and wiping down tables from spills will also prevent ants from joining in on your fun. 

Wasps– Wasps are especially busy during the summer and fall months when many families are camping in southern Washington. It’s hard to keep these pests away since they are determined to get to a food source. Keeping food sealed will help as a deterrent as well as putting away food items that are no longer in use while you eat since the smell is an attractant to them. 

Wildlife And Wildfires

Wildlife– Most wildlife around campgrounds will mind their own business but every so often they come close to explore and possibly eat your food. Southern Washington is filled with all kinds of wildlife including deer, bears, raccoons, squirrels, and rodents; all of which can be seen around campgrounds. The best way to avoid these creatures is to keep food in tightly sealed containers at all times when not in use and remove trash each night so that you don’t have to worry about them waking you up in the middle of the night digging through your trash. 

Wildfires– Wildfires can happen quickly which is why it’s so important to prevent them. Every campground will tell you if you are able to have fires at your campsite so check with the staff to see if having fires are an option during your stay. If they are be sure to put it completely out when you are done. The smallest spark can cause a massive wildfire. 

Store all your lighters, lighter fluids, and anything else that is flammable somewhere inside your tent or vehicle. Fire safety is about awareness and acting out preventable measures. Since younger children don’t have the same awareness it’s important to keep these items out of their reach. A space that they don’t have access to is the best option. 

Best Places To Camp In Southern Washington

Cougar Rock Campground– This campground is set up for tents and RV’s that are not in need of water hookups. It offers a gorgeous view of Mt. Saint Helens, has flush toilets, drinking water, and 173 campsites. 

Seaquest State Park– Seaquest campground is a state park that also offers beautiful views of Mt. Saint Helen. A nearby lake is a great place to take a boat or you can go hiking along many nearby trails. This park is also WiFi accessible. 

Cresap Bay Park And Campground– This campground is a tent-only campground near Lake Merwin and the Lewis river. Drinkable water, restrooms, and showers are available at this campsite. 

Lewis And Clark Campground– This campground is near the scenic Columbia River and is very close to nearby attractions including Skamania Lodge. This campground offers a laundry facility, showers, and restrooms as well as tent and RV sites. 

We know that wherever you end up camping you are sure to have a great time as southern Washington has so many great places to explore. So have fun. Be safe and keep those bugs away! 

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