5 Benefits Of Monthly Pest Control Versus One Time Treatments

August 5, 2021
5 Benefits Of Monthly Pest Control Versus One Time Treatments

Have you experienced a home pest invasion? If you have, you know just how much they can destroy parts of your home and what a hassle they are to get rid of. Pests like spiders and ants can be commonplace around the inside or outside of your home but once they or any other pest starts to take over they can cause all kinds of havoc. Having routine pest control maintenance will not only address any issues at hand but be a preventive measure in keeping those issues at bay!

1. Keeping Pests And Their Mess Away

Oftentimes for the consumer, the goal of monthly maintenance is simply keeping pests away but there is so much more to gain when it comes to routine maintenance. That being said, a monthly service plan will keep pests and everything that comes with them away from you and your home. Spiders, for instance, leave those sticky webs and even though they look as if they could be cleaned up with one swipe you will be surprised to find out that a sweep with the broom doesn’t exactly remove them. Spider webbing can be so sticky that they often just flatten leaving them on the surface you are trying to clean. Regular monthly maintenance can be great for this very thing. Not only is the service keeping the spiders away but part of that service cleans up those yucky webs sticking to everything and with spiders no longer a problem the webbing is no longer a problem as well.

2. Protect Your Home From Unnecessary Damage

Pests like termites and rodents can be highly destructive to your home and will often go unnoticed as they chew their way through wooden support beams, the insides of walls and other areas where there is wood or cellulose. By the time you notice their existence, they have most likely already caused a lot of damage. Monthly pest control services is a preventive measure in these very types of things. A pest control specialist will be able to give your home and property an overview for any signs of pests and then be able to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

3. Keep Food Storage Free From Contaminants

Pests like pantry beetles, ants, cockroaches and every other pesky insect you can imagine in your home can easily get into any food you have around the house if they are not sealed properly. Even boxed packages can be chewed through if mice happen to get inside. All of these pantry pests contaminate your food and waste the money you spent when purchasing them. Storing food in airtight containers is a great way to keep your food safe both for you and your pets. Regular monthly pest control service also keeps pests from becoming a problem in your home, protecting the food you are storing inside of it.

4. Save Financially

Some may argue that routine pest control maintenance is not worth the cost but experiencing an infestation can actually cost up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the situation. If rodents or wildlife wreak havoc underneath your home the costs of getting rid of them on top of cleaning out any debris they have soiled with urine and feces as well as fixing any damage they have caused is a big job that will add up financially. By having a monthly service plan these issues can be prevented saving you thousands and help you avoid the hassle that comes with major pest infestations.

5. Protect Your Families Health

You may be surprised but many pests leave behind contaminants that are harmful to your health and the health of your pets. The waste left behind from rodents, cockroaches, wildlife and other pests can spread disease or trigger allergic reactions. Pests like bed bugs are known to cause allergy related issues from the waste they shed and rodents are highly known to carry parasites and disease harmful to humans and animals. Even if rodents are living underneath your home the air quality of your living space can be affected because much of the air you breathe inside your house comes directly from your crawlspace. Cockroaches are another disease spreading pests as they track through waste and then through your food sources carrying bacteria with them. Keeping these pests away from your home protects your family’s health and the health of your pets.

One time treatments are a necessary part of pest control, especially where infestations are concerned. Before you can do anything else the pest you are dealing with has to be dealt with in order to move forward. Once the pest(s) are removed and/or treated then further work can be done to clean up any remnants left behind from the pests. Certain situations may require more than one treatment. After pests are taken care of and the space they were dwelling is cleared and fixed and/or sealed if needed then a pest control specialist can talk with you about a monthly pest control service plan to prevent further recurrences.





You will protect your home from physical damage.
Your home is your sanctuary, and you invested a significant amount of resources as well as put much love toward securing and caring for it. Don’t let it go to ruin by letting termites and rodents chew holes and weaken the key points of the structure. With monthly visits from a pest control company, you can avoid troublesome and costly repairs.

You will keep all the stored food in the house clean and safe for consumption.
The last thing you would want to discover is that something else has been digging into the food in your pantry, aside from the members of your household. A box, sack or bag of food that has been touched by pests can now be contaminated, putting your family’s health at risk and wasting your supplies. Modesto pest control specialists can help keep your pantry and food supply safe from these pests.

You can promote the good health of your family.
Aside from contaminating your food, pests can also trigger allergies or asthma attacks, deliver bites and stings, and even carry parasites and transmit diseases. The easiest way to protect the household from harm from these pests is to discourage them from staying in your home.

Routine pest inspection, maintenance and treatment against pests can be a big factor in making your home truly safe and comfortable for the whole family.


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