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The Pacific Northwest offers an incredible environment that is unlike any other in the country. Parts of what makes this region so beautiful are the same parts that provide the perfect conditions for unwanted pest infestations. If you are in need of residential or commercial pest control services in Olympia, the experienced exterminators at PestLock are here for you. Call our team at (360) 218-2012 today to schedule a no-cost pest inspection of your home or office.

Residential and Commercial Pest Solutions

No matter what type of pests you have on your property, our pest control company has an effective integrated pest management solution. Our pest control services treat a wide variety of native pests, including:

In addition to the above services, we also offer crawlspace restoration services that will leave you with a clean and sanitized, pest-free crawlspace.

Exterminators with Years of Experience

When it comes to providing your family or employees with a safe property that is free of dangerous pests, you don’t want to rely on just an average local pest control company. You deserve to work with exterminators who have extensive experience in the pest control industry, and you want them to be very knowledgeable about the pests that are native to your area and how to best exterminate them. With more than 20 years of experience in the pest control business, we have the skills and knowledge needed to lock pests out once and for all.

Environmentally Responsible Pest Solutions

Our team loves living in the Olympia area just like you do, and we make every effort to provide pest control services that are both effective and safe for people, pets, and the environment. We provide non-chemical pest solutions when we feel they will be effective. For tougher infestations that require chemical treatment to exterminate, we pride ourselves on using reduced-toxicity products. We don’t stop there — our exterminators will routinely inspect your property to ensure our chosen method of pest management is working.

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