Are Bed Bugs A Problem In Washington State

July 22, 2022
Are Bed Bugs A Problem In Washington State

Bed bugs are the most requested service we encounter here at Pestlock in Vancouver Washington. They are the most common species to feed on humans and can be found anywhere whether it’s households, apartments, hotels, or rental units. 

The Most Common Signs You Have Bed Bugs

The most common signs of bed bugs will most likely be seen in your bed. After pulling back your bedding, check your sheets and pillowcases for blood stains left after feeding. Look over your bedding, mattress and base of your mattress for dark or rusty spots left behind from these pests as excrement. Pale yellow egg shells or what appears to be shed skin may also be seen as indicators that you have bed bugs. These same signs may be seen around baseboards, outlets and door frames depending on the intensity of the infestation. 

Should I Be Worried About Bed Bugs?

When it comes to bed bugs, these pests can be active during any season of the year. Bed bugs are household pests that anyone can encounter. They require human blood to survive and can quickly become a problem if left untreated. Becoming aware of them in your living space as quickly as possible as well as starting a treatment plan will help resolve any bed bug issues you are encountering. The key is acting promptly and getting professional help to effectively deal with the problem. However, one may still worry about whether they can get bed bugs in their home and there are a few tips to help prevent them from being a problem. 


Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Travel Pointers- If you travel at any time always make sure you check the mattress along the edges to see if there are signs of bed bugs. Checking around baseboards with a high beam flashlight is an extra precautionary measure. Keep your belongings off of the bed and up off the floor in case there happen to be bed bugs. 

Staying At A Rental?- Before you bring in all your belongings check the bedding and baseboards in the rooms where everyone sleeps. If there are any signs of bed bugs contact the owner and leave the rental property. Otherwise, keep belongings up off the floor and away from the walls. 

Inspect Used Furniture- It’s great to find a bargain but not if it comes with an unwanted surprise. Used furniture is an easy way for bed bugs to enter your room if they are riding along on furniture from an infested household. Always thoroughly inspect the furniture first before bringing it into your home and if you really want to be safe, keep it in storage away from the inside of your home for three months. 

New Vs. Used Mattress- We will always suggest buying a new mattress as used mattresses come with a list of things that not even the eye can see without a microscope but when it comes to bed bugs buying a new mattress will always be a preventative way to avoid these pests from coming into your home. If you still want to get a used mattress bring it into your home with a plastic cover that fully surrounds and zips around the mattress. This way any bed bugs that may be traveling on it will not be able to access your home. 

Take note that getting rid of bed bugs in Washington state is no easy feat, even if you catch them early. There is a lot of work that goes into getting rid of these pests. Contacting your local pest control specialist in Vancouver Washington is the best bet in getting rid of bed bugs for good

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