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Hillsboro Ant Control


There are hundreds of ant species in the U.S., but fortunately residents of Hillsboro and the greater Portland area often only have to deal with one of three species. Identifying the ant species that is invading your house is key to determining the best solution for getting rid of them. PestLock has tried and true solutions for each variety of ant. Use the brief outline below to help you identify and troubleshoot some of these ants on your own. Or you can call the team at PestLock to schedule a free inspection, identify the ants, and plot your best course of action.


Carpenter ants got that name because of the tunnels they create in wood when building their nests. They don’t eat wood, but their tunneling is the cause of significant structural damage to homes when left unmanaged. They are typically black in color, and if you can’t spot the ants themselves, you may be able to notice piles of sawdust or insulation from their tunneling, or small openings in the wood of window sills and other areas close to your home’s exterior.


Odorous house ants are known best for the sour, rotten smell they release when stepped on or smashed. They are very small, typically under ⅛ inches, and are brown in color. They are attracted to moisture, and you may find them near leaking pipes or heaters.


Moisture ants are similar in size to odorous house ants, and are dark brown or yellow in color. They can build large, disruptive nests, and are attracted to moisture just like their odorous cousins, so you may find nests built near bath tubs, in damp crawlspaces, near leaks in your roof, or near windows.

If you think you have any of the above ants infesting your home, contact PestLock for a free inspection! We are Hillsboro's premier ant extermination team.

Keep Your Hillsboro Home Ant-Free

Warm weather means everyone wants to get outside - including carpenter ants! One thing to watch out for inside and outside, is an ant infestation. Your home can be a source of food, water, and shelter from the rain, and if you spot just a few ants, there's a decent chance there are thousands more hiding out of sight.